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"Should the mayor march in the Pride Parade?" Please Vote YES.

The "question of the day" in The Chronicle Herald is "Should the mayor march in the Pride Parade?"

Right now the "NO" vote is winning!

(Background: The mayor has never marched in Halifax, though he's generally supportive of the community. He says it's scheduling conflicts, and that does seem to be the real explanation. Still, it would be nice to see him march, IMHO.)

We need all the help we can get!

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Pride stuff....

I know that i will be going to pride and i am willing to have a person come and stay with me in my guess room for the pride fun. I am looking to meet new people and hang out with them and chat...
i have listed my chat thing if you have the same drop me a line....
this is from last years pride right before.

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I don't know if this post is allowed in the community, if not, let me know or delete it.

I'm a freelance journalist using livejournal as a way to see what is happening in communities/cities/towns in the maritimes. I'm on the search for subjects and story ideas. I'm a student at St. Thomas University. If anyone has any story ideas, any issues, problems, a hot tip, or something just doesn't seem right - feel free to contact me via e-mail or through livejournal.

All comments will be left screened to ensure the confidentiality of posters and will not be viewed by anyone other than myself.



I'm Crissy
24 year old female
From PEI
Hockey is my life (i am a goalie)
I am currently living in PEI

Thats all i can think of to say right now, and if anyone from Halifax reads this, i am going to halifax this weekend and i want some advice oon what to do cause i havent really been there before, well i have been there, but never done anything! So what should i do while i am there

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